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aboutDream hair center

Dream Hair Center is one of the pioneers of hair treatment and care in Tehran and Dubai. This center delivers original products from reputable brands in Iran and UAE to you, dear customers, using modern technologies and quality materials. This center offers its products in Tehran and Dubai and is also very popular among consumers.

Dream Hair is a specialized center for hair keratin, hair botox, ozone therapy, eyelash and eyebrow lift, eyelash and eyebrow lamination, as well as selling anti-hair loss drugs in Tehran and Dubai. We proudly provide professional and diverse services to our dear customers.

Dreamy Hair is the first online center in Tehran and Dubai in the field of keratin and hair care and treatment, which has more than 10 years of experience in Iran (Tehran) and Arab countries, using the highest quality original material and the best brands in the salon in Tehran and also in the location You and in Dubai provide services at your place


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Sugar Bear Hair

Sugar Bear Hair is an auxiliary vitamin for hair protection. The main purpose of this product is to increase the safety and protection of hair.

Phyto pills

It is one of the best and highest quality food supplements to prevent hair loss, strengthen damaged hair and strengthen nails and eyelashes.

Sugar Bear Multi lozenges

Strengthening the body system and improving the physical strength of women Contains more than 16 vitamins and minerals needed for women's health

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