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All about hair keratin

All about hair keratin

All about hair keratin:

Hair Keratin:

Hair keratin is a chemical method that makes hair strong and shiny and is usually done in beauty salons.

If you choose hair keratin treatment to make your hair shiny and shiny, it is better to know everything about hair keratin treatment.

Keratin is the building protein of human hair, nails and skin. Keratin hair means softening damaged hair follicles in order to have smooth and soft hair.

Hair keratin known as Brazilian hair straightening, most people think of it as an effective method of hair treatment when they see the effect and before and after pictures of hair keratin.

While hair keratin treatment has a lasting effect for several months, it is not without serious health risks.


Steps to perform hair keratin:

The hair keratinization process begins with washing the hair. At this stage, the hair is washed with pre-keratin shampoo and its wetness is removed with a towel.

At this stage, note that there is no need to completely dry the hair and the hair should be slightly damp. Meanwhile, if your hair needs oxygen therapy and hydration, it will be done for you.

This will ultimately help in reviving the hair a lot.

After the care and strengthening stages, it is time for the main stage. At this time, keratin materials are applied to the hair. According to the instructions and recommendations of the consumables, these materials should be left for about 30 minutes to an hour

Hair remains to be effective.


Creatine materials cause eye and respiratory irritation due to the release of formaldehyde. To prevent such incidents, you can do this in front of the fan wind.

If you use salon hair dryers during the resting time of the material, it will speed up the work and improve the performance of the material. After the required time has passed, it is time to iron the hair.

In this step, a special hair iron with high temperature is used so that the result is ideal.


Finally, the hair is washed with shampoo or mask after keratin to remove the keratin from the hair. Your materials may need to be quarantined.

Quarantine is actually a time between 1 and 3 days when you are advised not to apply water to your hair so that the keratin substances can exert their maximum effectiveness.

The creatine process may take a few hours of your time. So maybe it’s better to bring a book with you to make the most of your time.

All about hair keratin
All about hair keratin

Keratinization in dreamy hair

Duration of hair keratin treatment:

Keratinization is a semi-permanent hair straightening method in which the hair is temporarily coated with a liquid hair keratin mixture.

This procedure usually takes at least 2 hours or more to perform in salons and the effect lasts for approximately three months. People with curly and frizzy hair volunteer to do hair keratin.


As we said, the process of hair keratin usually takes 2-3 hours. But it is better not to neglect care before and after keratin for more caution. Do not forget that hair keratin is a process

It is chemical and in any case it will conflict with the nature of skin and hair and may have significant side effects.

If you have chosen this troublesome procedure, to minimize these complications, it is better to do the pre- and post-care completely. But at best, you’ve straightened your hair with an aggressive method, and this has consequences.

Cost of hair keratin in Dubai

Side effects of hair keratin:

The side effects of hair keratin are due to the presence of a carcinogenic substance called formaldehyde, which is used in some hair keratin products.

It is especially dangerous for hairdressers who are constantly exposed to the use of these substances.

During pregnancy, you should not be exposed to formaldehyde in any way, and hair keratin is prohibited during this period. Pregnant mothers should not be present even in salons that are doing keratin.


The price of hair keratin can vary depending on the volume of your hair and the materials used. Hair keratin with high-quality ingredients is not only not harmful, but can also strengthen hair.

Keratin is the basic protein found in hair that makes hair shiny and smooth permanently, and if you have curly hair with frizz, the keratin in your hair is not enough, and the lack of keratin causes frizz.

Hair keratin is one of the best ways to straighten curly hair and replace hair ironing.

Keratin is present in the human body system, in hair, skin and nails, and some types of keratin regulate the vital activities of cells such as protein production and cell growth.

The purpose of keratinizing hair is to restore or restore damaged areas of hair with the substance from which the hair is made.

But what are hair keratin ingredients? Keratin is a strong protein that is considered the main substance for the stability and protection of hair, but unfortunately, with increasing age and the continuous use of chemicals, the amount of keratin in the hair decreases.

The person becomes much less than before. Hair keratin easily restores the lost protein to the hair.

Adding a layer of keratin, which is considered a useful protein, strengthens the hair and eliminates the disorder and clutter in the hair, and also keratin for hair makes it easier than

Work with your hair first.

All about hair keratin
All about hair keratin

Types of hair keratin:

If we want to categorize in general, there are 2 types of keratin in the market:

Revitalizing hair keratin
Brazilian keratin or smooth keratin

each of which can have different uses.


Benefits of hair keratin:

The best hair keratin in Tehran

Hair keratin makes your hair appear more voluminous than usual.
It makes the hair more shiny.
Combing hair becomes easier.
Washing hair becomes easy.
Prevents frizz.
It makes your hair attractive and tidy in any situation.


Tips to know before hair keratin:

Hair keratin in Tehran

Before you start keratinizing your hair, make sure that your hair is suitable for keratin treatment.

Curly hair can be a good option for keratin, but keratin is not at all suitable for straight and limp hair.

Another important point is that you should go to a professional hairdresser to do hair keratin. Going to unprofessional hairdressers can cause a lot of damage to your hair.


Care after hair keratin:

Naturally, hair keratinization is not limited to the same substances that are applied to your hair in the hairdresser, it is necessary to take care after hair keratinization to maintain the health of your hair.

Undoubtedly, your hairstylist will recommend a special sulfate-free shampoo according to your hair type after keratin treatment. Also, you may not be able to wash or tie your hair for 48 hours.


How long does hair keratin last?

Some experts say that the shelf life of hair keratin is 4 to 6 months, and others say that this period is 5 to 10 months.

But how long hair keratin really lasts depends on the person’s own care after keratin.

The effect of keratin disappears over time and with the growth of hair, and the meaning of the durability of hair keratin is how long your hair is in the best condition and is like the first day and needs hair restoration.

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