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Benefits of ozone therapy

Benefits of ozone therapy

Benefits of ozone therapy:

All about ozone therapy:

Ozone is a type of gas that with the advancement of science, this gas has become a strong disinfectant that has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and restorative properties, and has attracted the attention of doctors.

The use of ozone gas or ozone therapy is a healthy method in the treatment of muscle and joint diseases and is also useful for people with spinal stenosis.

In this method, the doctor injects the concentration of ozone gas according to the patient’s needs in his tissues. With the release of ozone gas and its conversion to oxygen in the tissues, a lot of energy is released, and this helps in the treatment of lumbar disc, sciatica treatment.

The energy released from ozone gas is very high in the tissues, which relieves chronic pain in the tissues without causing any complications to the cells.


What is ozone injection?

This treatment method is used to treat many problems. Ozone gas is a colorless gas and is actually a form of oxygen.

If a person inhales this gas, it will definitely be harmful to him and will lead to lung, throat, cough and exacerbation of asthma symptoms.

However, ozone injection is widely used in the treatment of many diseases, which are as follows:

Treatment of arthritis
Fighting viral diseases such as HIV and SARS
Disinfection of wounds
Activation of the immune system
cancer treatment
Treatment of macular degeneration
Treatment of muscle pain

Benefits of ozone therapy
Benefits of ozone therapy

The usefulness of ozone for treating diseases:

Inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, yeast
Stimulate the immune system to speed recovery
Improving blood circulation by cleaning arteries and veins
Clear blood and lymph
Normalizing hormone and enzyme production
Having anti-inflammatory properties
pain relief
stop bleeding
Improve brain function and memory
Benefits of ozone therapy
The use of ozone in the treatment of arthritis


Since ozone therapy is anti-inflammatory and relieves pain in the joints, it is very useful for people who have pain, spinal stenosis, and arthritis in the back, knees, and shoulders.

In some people, the treatment of arthritis of the joints is solved by injecting ozone gas, and surgery is no longer needed.


Ozone therapy for lumbar disc

Lumbar disc refers to the protrusion of the lumbar disc and putting pressure on the spinal cord and nerve root, which causes pain in the back and spreads to the legs.

In 90% of cases, non-surgical procedures (ozone therapy) are used to treat disc. Open surgery is performed when the patient’s pain is very severe and ozone injection is not effective for him.

According to the spine association, surgery is not always necessary, if the pain and other symptoms are unbearable for the patient, then surgery will be effective.

Oxygen therapy (ozone therapy) is suitable for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, which reduces the compression of the nerve root, restores damaged tissues, and brings analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefits of ozone therapy

The method of doing ozone therapy

Using long narrow needles and with the guidance of the imaging device in the operating room on an outpatient basis, without anesthesia and in completely sterile conditions, ozone gas is injected into the protruding disc and the effect of this gas on the disc.

It takes the pressure off the spinal nerves and relieves the pain. Doing this is done by local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization.


Ozone therapy for knees

Deterioration of osteoarthritis is common among the elderly, so using intra-articular ozone injection can be an effective way to reduce pain.

Ozone gas causes new cartilage formation and reduces inflammation or swelling in damaged knees due to stimulation to build blood vessels inside the knee and reduce its inflammation.

This method is effective even for injuries inside the knee such as disc tears.

Ozone therapy device

It is a device that takes oxygen from the capsule and turns it into ozone gas. The concentration of this gas depends on the doctor’s needs and the amount he has set.

Usually, ozone therapy does not take long, but it depends on the individual’s disease that the patient is treated in several sessions.

Ozone therapy:

Doctors use this method to solve all kinds of joint and muscle problems. Intervertebral discs, spinal canal stenosis, wounds caused by diabetes can be treated with the help of this method.

Ozone therapy is a relatively new treatment method. In fact, ozone therapy is a response to the efforts of medical science to find a suitable alternative to corticosteroid therapy. The use of ozone or ozone gas.

Therapy is a healthy method in muscle and joint treatment. In this therapeutic method, ozone gas, whose concentration is determined by the attending physician, is injected into the tissue in a completely specialized manner and based on the conversion of ozone gas into

Oxygen in the tissues of radicals and energy is released, which is used in the treatment of lumbar disc, treatment of sciatica, arthritis of the joints.


Ozone therapy has been proposed as a new and innovative development in the treatment of pain and disc and arthritis in today’s medicine. Ozone therapy has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and restorative properties.

Therefore, ozone therapy is effective in the treatment of pain caused by joint inflammation and intervertebral discs, spinal canal stenosis, wounds caused by diabetes, etc.


Ozone therapy for lumbar disc:

People who have used the ozone therapy method have lost the pain in the relevant area after two days. Ozone therapy for lumbar disc is sometimes called a type of closed surgery, and in fact, closed surgery treatment

Lumbar disc can be done in different ways, one of which is lumbar ozone therapy.


Ozone therapy for knee arthritis:

Ozone therapy is usually used in the treatment of knee and shoulder joint arthrosis and hip arthrosis. Basically, in the treatment of arthritis of the joints, anti-inflammatory drugs, injection in the joint, and in more severe cases, joint replacement surgery are used.

to be In the case that the disease is not severe enough to suggest surgery, ozone gas injection or ozone therapy can have anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and restorative properties in the patient.

It is possible that many patients who are candidates for surgery may not need surgery through ozone therapy.


In this regard, and perhaps the most effective of all of them, the intra-articular injection of ozone, which is also known as ozone therapy of the knee, can be mentioned. In addition to anti-inflammatory properties, ozone injection also activates the regeneration system inside the joint

and causes rapid recovery of patients with knee arthritis. What is very important about ozone therapy for the knee and what makes it different from other treatments is the very small side effects and the very cheap price of this type of treatment compared to

There are other treatment solutions.


Benefits of ozone therapy
Benefits of ozone therapy


Benefits of ozone therapy:

At first, after the treatment, you can expect a reduction in pain immediately after the injection. Also, by using this treatment, your cartilages and tissues will be regenerated (this treatment can have a greater effect on the knee

This treatment can heal chronic injuries, rebuild joints, heal joints caused by sports injuries and general recovery from pain in joints, muscles and nerves.

Ozone therapy can be injected into the joints, under the skin, and into the tendons and muscles. The response of people to this treatment is different, but in certain conditions, people need 3 to 5 sessions for treatment. Most people after doing this

The method reduces pain.

Below are the cases for which ozone therapy is effective:

1- To treat any pain
2- Ozone therapy for back pain and neck pain for severe pain in the back and neck joints
3- Rotator cuff tendon injury
4- Arthritis of the knee and pelvis (treatment of the pelvis in this method is less effective)
5- Lumbar and neck disc protrusion and wear (not used to treat severe cases of disc protrusion)
6- Carpal tunnel syndrome
7- Sciatic nerve and vein pain
8- Sinusitis (severe or mild)
9- tennis elbow disorder (tennis elbow)
10- Pelvic pain and disorders
11- Dental infections
12- Recovery after joint surgery
13- Intractable fractures
14- Injuries
15- Sports injuries

Ozone therapy is one of the best treatment methods for lumbar disc. Of course, this method is not a miracle, ozone therapy is only a complementary medical specialty with some unknown aspects.

This method can be done for people over 21 years old. There is no age limit for this procedure. It is even better to do ozone therapy at an older age, because it has a very positive effect on energy, cognitive activities, etc

It has a person’s cognitive level. People with the following characteristics are not suitable candidates for ozone therapy:

Benefits of ozone therapy
Benefits of ozone therapy


Ozone therapy contraindications:

Ozone therapy cannot be used for people with blood cancers such as red blood cell lymphoma.
Patients with G6PD enzyme deficiency
Patients with prolonged bleeding and prothrombin
Patients with hyperthyroidism (if T3, T4 and TSH are high, or heart rate is less than 40).
People who are unable to exercise.
Contraindications to using ozone therapy for lumbar disc pain


Contraindications to using ozone therapy for lumbar disc pain

Blood clotting disorders, including hemophilia, constant use of anticoagulants
The possibility of acute and chronic bleeding
History of constipation
Complications after bleeding and hemorrhagic possibility
Mental illnesses in the acute stage
Uncontrolled diabetes
Terminal modes
lack of tolerance

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