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لیفت و لمینیت مژه و ابرو در تهران

Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai

Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai:

Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Tehran and Dubai:


Eyelash and eyebrow lift and laminate services are provided in many beauty salons and beauty service studios in Tehran. You can use different sources to find centers that provide these services in Tehran.

A common way to find these salons is to use the internet. By searching terms like “eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Tehran” or “eyelash lift and eyebrow lamination beauty salon in Tehran” you can see the relevant results in online search engines.

Eyelash lift and lamination in Tehran and Dubai:

Eyelash lift and lamination is a beauty process that gives your eyelashes more volume, length and flexibility. In this process, the eyelashes are folded up with the help of special rollers and then using eyelash laminate materials, they become curved and attractive. This method makes the appearance of your eyes more open and attractive and gives a natural and pleasant effect to your eyelashes without the need for artificial eyelashes or mascara.

To perform eyelash lift and lamination, it is better to visit beauty salons such as dreamy hair or specialist studios. In these centers, trained and skilled technicians perform eyelash lift and lamination in a professional manner. At Dream Hair Salon, we use exclusive materials and professional tools to create a better and more pleasant result for you.


Eyebrow lift and laminate:

Eyebrow lift and laminate is a beauty process that gives your eyebrows more shape, volume and attractiveness by using special materials and techniques. In this process, by using special products, the eyebrows become curved and shiny, giving them a natural and pleasant appearance.

To perform eyebrow lift and laminate, it is better to visit specialized beauty salons such as dreamy hair or specialized studios. Expert technicians in these centers process and shape your eyebrows in a precise way using professional products and tools. This service may include cleaning, trimming and shaping eyebrows, eyebrow lamination, eyebrow coloring and restoration using appropriate colors and materials.

Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai
Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai


What is an eyelash lift?

Nowadays, attention to beauty among women has become more and more indiscriminate than in the past, and the methods of changing the face to be more beautiful have become much more than in the past, and every day a method is done for this.

Eyelash lift is one of the ways to change the face and desire for beauty, which is another name for eyelash lift, eyelash lamination.

If you don’t know what eyelash lift is, read this text until the end.

What is eyelash laminate?

Lamination of eyelashes is no different from lifting, you only need to know that special colors are used in lamination of eyelashes so that in the end your eyelashes are thick and you don’t need to apply mascara.

What is the difference between eyelash lift and laminate?

“Is eyelash lift better or laminate?” If you also have this question, it is necessary to say that, in fact, eyelash lift is a prerequisite for eyelash lamination; These two methods are almost identical to each other, with the difference that in laminate, pigments are also used to color the eyebrows, which will play the role of mascara for you and lead to greater thickness, and this increase in thickness is done to your taste. will be

Meanwhile, in the lift, only your eyelashes will be styled and there will be no coloring stage in them. But as it was said, in order to do eyelash lamination, the lift must be done first.

Eyelash lift:

Eyelash lift is a method in which the eyelashes look strengthened, voluminous, bold and curled. Eyelash laminate uses mineral and tonic materials to strengthen eyelashes and eyelashes naturally acquire their own beauty.
Unfortunately, not all of us can have long, thick and curled eyelashes. Nowadays, with the use of new eyelash lamination technology, the attractiveness and beauty of eyelashes increases.

Materials used for eyelash lifting:

The materials used in eyelash lifting are various materials, the main part of which is keratin.

As a result of staying on the eyelashes, keratin penetrates to some extent to their base, and it is something similar to the keratinization of the head hair, but in the dimensions that are suitable for the eyelashes.

Of course, other chemical and herbal substances are used along with creatine to get in shape and have a better effect. These ingredients make the eyelashes look thicker.

All this is for when everything is at its best. But sometimes, some of those who do eyelash lifting may use materials that are not suitable for eyelashes to reduce costs and lack of expertise.

For example, use Keratin Mora with the same dimensions for eyelashes. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a hairdresser and go to the best hairdressers.

Eyelash lift:

There is no contraindication for eyelash lift for pregnant women

Eyelash lifting steps:

first stage:
At this stage, the eye area is completely cleaned of any pollution and fat with protein solution and preparation with hair strengthening complex.
√ The second stage: lengthening and curling of eyelashes is done by a special lift serum in this stage.
√ The third step: filling the hair shaft with natural keratin
√ Fourth step: Eyelash coloring with special pigments
√ Fifth step: fixing and strengthening with special vitamin serum

LB LASHBASE eyelash lift is a therapeutic and natural method to thicken normal eyelashes and have stronger, more curved and longer eyelashes.

Eyelash lift is not a chemical method and does not have harmful effects like extensions.

The durability of this method is two to three months, and during this period, it does not require special maintenance and care.

Only one day after the eyelash lift, the eyes should not get wet so that the keratin and vitamins can fully penetrate the eyelashes.

And after that, enjoy the beauty of your eyes safely.


Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai
Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai


Appearance properties of eyelash lift:

What is referred to as an eyelash lift is a method in which the eyelashes appear thicker by using certain materials.

In this method, the thickening of the eyelashes causes an upward bending state for the upper eyelid eyelashes and a downward bending for the lower eyelid eyelashes.

Since the eyelashes become curved, it looks like the eyelashes have been lifted. Therefore, the eyelashes that were in front of the eyes until then, curl up and down, and the same thing causes beauty.

In addition, curling the eyelashes up and down makes the eyes look bigger. In terms of beauty, the same thing is pleasant for people and they are attracted to it.

Eyelash lifting steps:

Eyelash color, illogical invention
In addition to all the things mentioned about this method, sometimes substances similar to hair color are applied to the eyelashes, which should not be washed for a day. It means that a person who does an eyelash lift should not apply water to his eyelashes for 24 hours.

When these substances remain on the eyelashes, the eyelashes become darker and look like the eyelashes are dyed.

How often should you do an eyelash lift?

The eyelash lifting method is not permanent and must be repeated to achieve the desired result. The durability of the eyelash lifting method varies in different people, but on average it will be two to three months, and after that the person must visit again.

So as long as the effect of this method remains on the eyelashes, you can see its effects and when these effects disappear and your eyelashes will return to their previous state.

Know before eyelash lift:

The important thing about the complications of such methods is that since this work is done by non-medical people and they often do not have the necessary expertise about the eye and the skin around it, and the slightest carelessness or incorrect use of materials to combine materials can be very expensive for a person. to be

Therefore, if a problem or complication occurs to a person, there is neither expertise to treat the complication, nor medical facilities and equipment, and even treatments may be suggested that are completely unscientific and even make the situation worse. It is that the person goes to the doctor when it is too late and he may suffer a lot of injuries.

Therefore, before doing this, you should consult with people who have complete expertise in this work, such as dream hair salon specialists, and then refer to them.

Benefits of eyelash lift:

The eyelash lift curls the eyelashes without the need for an eyelash curler and maintains this curl for several weeks.
The purpose of eyelash lamination is to color the eyelashes and to bend them in such a way that the eyelashes are strengthened during this work due to the use of minerals.

No other method like eyelash lamination strengthens the eyelashes and most of the applied methods on the eyelashes only cause damage to them.
Eyelash laminate makes the eyes look wider and bigger.

In the eyelash lift, the eyelashes are colored and look as if mascara is applied on them.
By being in water, the eyelashes do not lose their color and shape. Of course, it is better for those who use eyelash lift to avoid long-term activities in water.

There is no damage to the eyes in eyelash lamination and the person can easily use contact lenses.
In eyelash laminate, it is possible to use mascara and other cosmetic products for the individual.

Laminated eyelashes can be placed in any shape and are completely flexible. Because they are made from real human eyelashes.
In eyelash laminate, you can rub your eyes without worry.
Since artificial eyelashes are not used in eyelash lifting, there is no need to repair eyelashes.

In eyelash laminate, the eyes are not heavy and the person does not feel uncomfortable.
Eyelash laminate lasts between 3 weeks and 2 months. Of course, this depends on various factors.


How many times should you do an eyelash lift?

The eyelash lifting method is not permanent and must be repeated to achieve the desired result.

The durability of the eyelash lift method varies in different people, but on average it will be 2 to 3 months, and after that the person must visit again.

Therefore, as long as the effect of this method remains on the eyelashes, you can see its effects, and when these effects disappear, your eyelashes will return to their previous state.


Eyelash lift and hair loss:

Laminate and eyelash lift are performed in most beauty centers around the world.

It is done with herbal ingredients that have no side effects.

If you have a special disease and do not go to a good doctor, the medicines they give you may be harmful to you.

This example was to make you realize that such things can happen in any job.

Herbal ingredients may be allergenic for some. For example, some people are allergic to the smell of flowers.

At the eyelash lifting center, a small amount of these materials is usually tested on the skin before the work is done.

Of course, if you go to a novice extension worker, it may not do your job properly or damage your eyelashes, so it is better to go to a specialized and experienced extension worker. Dream Hair Salon has the best experienced professionals in this field.

Eyelash lift:

“This method with the most herbal ingredients guarantees the best result. This method is new and has no side effects.

During one session, your eyelashes will be curled, thick and dark and will look full. If your eyelashes are empty, they will no longer be visible with this method.”

Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai
Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai


How to perform eyelash lift and eyelash lamination:

It should also be mentioned about the method of performing this method: this method does not have any pain, bleeding or side effects and only special materials are applied to your eyelashes. It is very convenient and you only need to visit every two months for repair.

When you do an eyelash lift, you don’t need to make up anymore and it will be naturally beautiful.

First of all, we clean the eyelashes from pollution and a park construction is done. In addition, we strengthen eyelashes by using enhancers. Using the lift solution, we lengthen the eyelashes and then strengthen and fill the stems with the use of keratin.

Keratin is the most important component of hair, if it is not there, the hair will not have its freshness.

Keratin also causes eyelashes to curl. After that, we paint the eyelashes with color, and again we strengthen the eyelashes with vitamin serum.

Eyelash lift and laminate materials

It is herbal and strengthening. The main ingredients of creatine are vitamins and useful oils. It does not have any complications.

What is eyebrow laminate and how is it done?

Having beautiful eyebrows plays a very important role in our beauty. All women like to always have well-groomed eyebrows to reduce the time they spend on makeup.

There are two new techniques, called eyebrow lift and laminate, in which the eyebrow fibers are strengthened, full, black and thicker in order to tidy, condition and strengthen and fill the eyebrows.

With lift and laminate, the eyebrow hairs are raised and standing, and the eyebrows are wider and the empty spaces of the eyebrow are filled, and not only the eyebrow is not damaged, but the eyebrow is also strengthened.

What is the difference between eyebrow lift and eyebrow laminate?

Changing the shape and raising the eyebrows is called a lift, and keratin and strengthening the eyebrows is called a laminate.

Laminating is a keratin plant process with colored pigments that is placed on the eyebrow and causes the thickness of the eyebrow hair to appear thicker and darker.


Eyebrow lift and laminate is suitable for which of the women:

Eyebrow lift and laminate with materials is suitable for women whose eyebrows are downward.
Women who have drooping eyes and eyelids.
Women who have a short distance between their eyebrows and eyes.
Women who do not like tattooing and are looking for a safe method.
Women who cannot use cosmetics to arrange and shape their eyebrows due to their busy schedule.
Women who have thin, untidy, or drooping eyebrows.
Women who like neat, colorful and wide eyebrows.
Women who have very fluffy eyebrows, with thin and messy hairs.
Women whose eyebrows are very pale and not clear.

Eyebrow lift and laminate steps:

Eyebrow lift and laminate techniques are used to shape and strengthen eyebrows. The steps of eyebrow lift and laminate are as follows:

Eyebrows are fixed with lift glue using a lift comb.
The material is applied from the root to half of the eyebrow hairs and completely covered.
The raw materials are cleaned and the material number 2 is placed completely on the eyebrow and the eyebrow is covered with plastic nylon for 15 minutes.
Then the ingredients are cleaned and the eyebrow color is left for 7 to 8 minutes.
After the eyebrow color, they put ingredients that contain keratin and advise the person not to wash their eyebrows for 3 to 4 hours.


Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai
Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai


Eyebrow lift and laminate and its loss

Eyebrow lift and laminate stimulates the growth of eyebrows and strengthens them with organic, mineral and botox therapy and will not cause eyebrows to fall.

Durability of eyebrow lift and laminate

The durability of eyebrow lift and laminate depends on the growth of your eyebrows and is between one and two months.

You can easily take a shower or go to the pool by performing this safe method, but you must keep your eyebrows away from water and wetness for the first 24 hours because the hairdresser uses latex glue during the eyebrow lifting process.

Wash your eyebrows after 24 hours to see the effect of this method.

Benefits of eyebrow lift and laminate with materials:

Grooming eyebrows
Eyebrow enhancement
The safety of this method
Bathing and going to the pool the day after eyebrow lift and laminate without any problems.


Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai
Eyelash and eyebrow lift and lamination in Dubai


The difference between eyebrow lift and laminate and eyelash lift and laminate

As explained, in eyelash lift and lamination, a curler is used to shape and curve the eyelashes, but in eyebrow lift, the eyebrows are raised with materials. Eyelash lift is specially done for eyelashes, and eyebrow lift is specially done to arrange eyebrows.

Complications of eyebrow lift and laminate

Eyebrow lifting does not have any special side effects and due to the use of strengthening materials containing keratin, it causes the growth and strengthening of eyebrows. It is better to perform eyebrow lift and lamination in reliable beauty salons under the supervision of skilled professionals such as the experienced specialists of Dreamy Hair Center.

Using cheap materials may cause eyebrows to fall.

The price of eyebrow and eyelash lift and lamination in Dubai:

To know the price of eyebrow and eyelash lift and lamination in Dubai, contact the support of the dreamy hair site.


Dream Hair Specialized Center is one of the best and most reliable centers for lifting and laminating eyebrows and eyelashes, hair keratin, hair protein, ozone therapy, etc. in Dubai.

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