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Hair protein therapy in Dubai

Hair protein therapy in Dubai

Hair protein therapy in Dubai:

All about hair protein therapy:


Protein therapy

In this type of treatment, hydrolyzed protein is added to the hair shaft and fills the gaps in the hair cuticles; This process makes the overall health of the hair and improves its elasticity.

Also, protein therapy helps strengthen the hair tissue.

The protein therapy process, by strengthening and nourishing the hair strands, restores the damaged strands and helps to treat the problem of hair breakage, dryness and damage.

These treatments form a protective layer on the hair that repairs damaged hair and prevents protein shedding from the hair cuticle.


As much as protein is important in the health of the body, it is also effective in the health of the hair. Lack of protein can make your hair dry, damaged, lifeless and prone to breakage and frizz.

Excessive protein loss also causes hair loss. People who have a proper diet definitely have stronger hair.

But most people around the world suffer from protein deficiency due to improper diet, weather conditions, wrong lifestyle, etc.


What is hair protein therapy?

Hair therapy protein (Trichohyalin) or TCHH protein is a structural protein that plays a role in the structure of hair and nails of humans and other mammals.

This protein is located in the hardening layer of human hair and acts as one of the constituents of the protein known as keratin.

Hair therapy protein has a regulatory factor domain that plays a role in cellular and thinking processes as well as in some skin diseases.


Is hair protein therapy suitable for everyone?

Hair therapy protein (Trichohyalin) is suitable for everyone and there is no problem for anyone to use it.

But if you are allergic to something, it is better to consult a doctor or hair specialist consultants like Dream Hair Specialist Center before doing hair protein therapy.


What types of hair can benefit from hair protein therapy?

Hair Therapy Protein (Trichohyalin) is beneficial for any hair type, including dry, fine, weak, damaged, and even colored hair.

Even protein therapy is suitable for very damaged hair because it contains proteins that help to improve the health and growth and strengthen the structure of the hair.

Hair protein therapy in Dubai
Hair protein therapy in Dubai

Benefits of protein therapy:

Hair therapy protein (Trichohyalin) is a structural protein that exists in the structure of hair and nails of humans and other mammals. Some of the benefits of hair protein therapy include:

1. Strengthening and improving hair structure: Hair therapy protein can help to improve and strengthen hair structure, reduce hair loss and improve their softness and shine.


2. Repairing hair hazards: Hair therapy protein is used as a repairing agent in hair care products such as shampoo, cream, and after-shampoo care products and can be used in repairing hair hazards such as density, brittleness,

Dryness and other damages are effective.


3. Suitable for all hair types: Hair protein therapy is beneficial for all hair types, including dry, fine, weak, damaged and even colored hair.


4. Use in the cosmetics industry: Hair therapy protein is used as a restorative agent in some skin and hair care products such as shampoo, cream, and after-shampoo care products.


5. Role in skin diseases: Hair therapy protein also plays a role in some skin diseases such as epidermolysis bullosa and epidermolysis bullosa (EB).

However, it should be noted that more research is needed to examine the direct benefits of protein therapy for human health.


Protein therapy increases hair health by nourishing and strengthening hair and helps control hair loss. If you have thinning or damaged hair, protein therapy is a great suggestion for you.

Hair protein therapy in Dubai
Hair protein therapy in Dubai

Hair protein therapy method in beauty salons

Hair therapy protein (Trichohyalin) is usually offered in beauty salons as one of the hair care services. The method of applying hair protein therapy in beauty salons is as follows:

1. Hair washing: before applying the hair protein therapy, the hair is washed with a cool and mild shampoo to remove any pollution and excess oils.


2. Hair drying: After washing, the hair is dried and completely dry to be prepared for hair protein therapy.


3. Application of hair therapy protein: Hair therapy protein is applied to the head and hair in the form of a solution or hair mask. Hair therapy protein products are usually left on the scalp and hair for a few minutes until the protein is absorbed

Completely penetrate the structure of the hair.


4. Washing the hair again: After applying the hair protein therapy, the hair is washed again with shampoo to remove any product residue from the hair.


5. Use post-shampoo care products: After washing, post-shampoo care products such as hair cream or hair oil may be used to help keep hair healthy and soft.

Finally, it should be noted that before any hair care in the salon, it is better to consult with your hairdresser and make sure of the complete information about the products used and the method of their application.


Protein therapy is one of the popular treatment methods that has attracted the attention of many people these days.

Human hair is made of a structural fibrous protein called keratin. Keratin is an essential protein that determines the texture, growth and shape of hair.

When the amount of keratin in the hair decreases or is damaged, your hair becomes dry and dull, and you may even experience problems such as hair loss, hair breakage, thinning hair, etc.

Lack of protein in the diet and excessive use of chemical methods (such as hair bleaching) can lead to the loss of protein and keratin in the hair.

Daily consumption of protein can give more strength and strength to the hair and also ensure the health of your hair.

Protein hair therapy is one of the most popular methods to treat hair that has lost protein.


One of the causes of hair protein deficiency is excessive use of hair dryers, hair irons, hair curlers, hair coloring (especially bleaching) and other things.

Research shows that coloring or heating the hair too much reduces the protein in it and even burns the hair.

Since many people in the world suffer from protein deficiency and frequently dye their hair, protein therapy can be a great way to increase hair health and balance hair loss.

protein in it.

Hair therapy protein thickens hair strands and nourishes and strengthens them.


Keratin hair is one of the other popular and popular methods for reviving and straightening hair, which everyone is familiar with. In the rest of this section, we will examine some differences between keratin and protein hair therapy.

Keratin is actually a protein that makes your hair smooth and shiny; So if you have curly or curly hair and you like your hair to be bare, hair keratin will be the right choice for you.

But if you have damaged, dry or thin hair, protein therapy will help your hair’s overall health more by repairing and strengthening your hair strands.

Keratin can revive your hair, but in this method, the focus is more on the smoothness of the hair, and if you have thin hair or hair strengthening is a higher priority for you, it is better not to choose the keratin method.


In the meantime, you probably have a question, what is the smoothness percentage of hair therapy protein?

In answer to this question, we must say that this process is actually considered a treatment method that will strengthen and nourish your hair over time and solve its problems and damages.

This method has a lower percentage of smoothness than hair keratin and gives a natural smoothness to your hair.


The difference between protein therapy and hair keratin:

One of the differences between these two methods is their durability. Hair keratin lasts between 6 months and a year, and when your hair roots are removed, the material is only extended for the hair roots.

However, depending on the materials and the method used, the durability of hair protein therapy lasts between 4 and 6 months, and since it is a therapeutic method, the material is usually placed on the entire hair each time.


Another difference between these two methods is their price. The price of keratin and the price of hair protein therapy in different beauty salons, the method used and the materials used by your hairdresser are different.

But in general, the keratin method is usually more expensive than protein therapy.

Also, the thickness and length of your hair and the salary that the hairdresser receives, apart from the price of the materials, have an effect on the final price of the work.

Things about hair protein therapy:

Hair protein therapy is a type of protein treatment for hair that by directly adding hydrolyzed proteins to hair follicles, it makes the cuticle layer stronger, more elastic and stronger.

During this treatment, the hair receives several nutrients, each of which has a specific role in their health.

This treatment can ultimately help strengthen the health of hair roots and stems, prevent breakage and make their color last longer.


Benefits of hair protein therapy:

Since hair is mainly made of protein, supplementing with protein helps to strengthen hair.

During the treatment, the hydrolyzed protein is absorbed into the hair and makes the outer layer (cuticle) of the hair strands stronger and thicker.

Using the best protein hair therapy ingredients removes the dead layers of cells and moisturizes them.

Softening of hair is another benefit of protein treatment, which results in healthy, shiny and voluminous hair.

Hair therapy protein gives hair elasticity.

It makes the hair durable against rays or harmful chemicals such as hair dye and makes them thicker.

It increases and strengthens the durability of hair roots in the future.

Porous hair means there are gaps between the strands. By filling these gaps, this treatment leads to healthy hair.


When do you need a protein treatment for your hair?

It is very difficult to know when you need protein hair therapy for your hair, but there are certain signs that will tell you that your hair needs this treatment:

Your hair becomes brittle.
Your hair becomes brittle or porous in some way.
No matter how many times they are wet or conditioned, they always dry out.
Your hair is no longer as elastic as it used to be.
Your hair is very greasy and sticky to the touch.
If you pull your hair, it breaks easily regardless of whether it is dry or wet.


Treatment of hair damage:
Your hair gets damaged every day due to many factors. Exposure to light and heat, use of different products, frequent styling of hair are the main causes of hair damage.

These injuries can lead to protein loss, and following the loss of protein, problems such as frizz, dryness of the hair shaft, and roughness appear.

If your hair is dry or frizzy recently and you are looking for a way to strengthen and repair it, hair protein therapy can be a good hair treatment option. This method is a hair conditioning treatment that adds protein to the hair and helps in its repair process.


Hair protein therapy:
We all know protein is an important part of a balanced diet. Protein is what’s associated with building strong muscle, but does it have the power to strengthen what’s outside the body?

For example, human hair is a complex fiber complex composed of dead cells, protein, water, lipids, pigment and trace elements.

Human hair is actually made up mostly of protein, especially keratin, so it’s easy to see why protein is essential for hair and can repair it.

Hair that is repeatedly exposed to chemicals or heat tools begins to break or appear dull.

In this case, the presence of alternative protein can fill the gaps.

Treating your hair with a powerful natural protein, such as rice water, helps restore hair that has lost essential proteins while reversing damage and strengthening hair, say beauty experts.


Benefits of hair protein therapy:
If hair is made of protein, why is protein therapy needed?

Naturally, the farther the hair is from the root, the more it loses its moisture and nutrients.

When moisture and nutrients are lost, the keratinized protein begins to unravel and break down, losing strength, elasticity, and bonds weakening.

Protein is the key to rebuilding and strengthening hair and scalp health. This treatment can be done with natural and herbal materials at home and with chemicals in beauty salons in Dubai.


Some other benefits of hair protein therapy:
Protecting hair from damage: protein substances such as hydrolyzed wheat protein or silk amino acid, bind directly to the hair follicle and strengthen the cuticle layer.

These proteins form a barrier around the follicle that protects it from further damage.


Strengthening hair: Protein is the main component of hair, so protein hair therapy is a replacement for follicles away from the root, lost or damaged, and helps to strengthen hair length.


Improve elasticity: Hair that lacks protein is often stretched more than usual before breaking.

Hair therapy protein helps to restore the elasticity of the hair so that it becomes elastic naturally.


Helping to eliminate breakage and split ends of the hair: One of the benefits of hair protein therapy is improving strength and elasticity, helping to eliminate breakage and splitting at the end of the hair.

Protein treatments prevent weak and brittle hair and hair becomes less brittle.


Strengthening the appearance of the entire hair: proteins definitely affect the density, elasticity and strength of the hair. In addition, these ingredients help to eliminate breakage and split ends.

In general, hair protein therapy helps to have healthy and better hair.


Types of hair
Beauty experts believe that protein hair therapy is safe for all types of hair. However, those with dry, damaged, colored and frizzy hair will benefit the most from this method.

There is no harm in doing protein therapy at home, but it is not necessary for people who have strong and healthy hair.


5 signs that you need hair protein therapy

The idea that only girls with curly and wavy hair should do protein treatment is wrong. Protein therapy depends on the hair texture.

If your hair is dry, rough or dull, you should go for this method.

Specifically, the following symptoms indicate that your hair needs protein therapy:

Loss of elasticity: Use this simple trick to check the elasticity of your hair, take a small strand and gently pull and release with your fingers.

If the hair strand does not spring back or splits, your hair will suffer from loss of elasticity.


Hair breakage at a higher than normal rate: There is a difference between breakage and hair loss.


Loose and strand-like texture: If your hair usually falls straight and often looks limp, hair protein therapy will help fill the strands and keep them looking healthy.

Damage due to coloring: coloring can make your hair brittle and weak, protein therapy method helps to maintain the appearance, integrity and freshness of colored hair.


Protein therapy methods
If you check the mentioned points and find out that your hair needs protein therapy in Dubai  beauty salons.

Fortunately, there are many options to choose from, one of the best of which is Dream Hair Salon.

For more information, contact the support of the dream hair site



If your hair is thin and thin, dry and lifeless or damaged by too much coloring and other things, don’t worry at all.

Protein therapy will be a great treatment method for you. You can do protein therapy professionally in the beauty salons of the dream hair center.

By filling the gaps in the hair cuticles, hair therapy protein strengthens and nourishes the hair tissue and strands and contributes to their overall health.

Hair therapy protein can strengthen your hair, improve the appearance of your hair and reduce frizz.

If your hair is damaged for various reasons and you are looking for a way to repair it, protein therapy is an excellent option for your hair.

Hair protein therapy in Dubai
Hair protein therapy in Dubai

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